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November 2014

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Top Ontario Investment Towns Named for 2011 and Beyond: Hamilton Ranks #1


post thumbnailWhich city’s real estate market is set to outperform other regions of the province over the next 3 – 5 years?

by Don Campbell

As we move closer and closer towards summer, it feels more like spring hasn’t shown her face yet. Out here on the West Coast, we experienced one of the darkest months of April on record, and the hard luck weather seems to be carrying on into May. But this hasn’t stopped my research team and I from digging deep into the headlines and the economic fundamentals to find those shiny nuggets of information to present to you. Amidst the doom and gloom weather out west, there is a VERY bright side of the country, nestled somewhere between Manitoba and Quebec.

The fantastic news starts right here, and that is with the announcement of the release of the all-new Top Ontario Investment Towns 2011-2015 Report. Months of research and analyzation have been poured into this comprehensive report – we’ve crossed all the T’s and dotted all the I’s, and now it’s time for sophisticated investors to take advantage of this invaluable information.

The newly-updated report analyzes the current and future prospects for real estate investment opportunities in Ontario, and identifies the top regions that will outperform in the coming decade. So whether you’re a current home owner, in the market for a change of scenery, or looking to bolster your real estate investment portfolio, the Top Ontario Investment Towns Report is going to be instrumental in guiding your next purchase.

Our findings are based on in-depth research, analysis of the latest statistics, economic and social trends, and on-the-ground reports from REIN™’s research staff and members, along with reports and statistics from organizations such as Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Statistics Canada, Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Canadian Home Builders Association, city and regional real estate boards, and local economic development offices.

The 102-page report will cover factors such as:

A. Is the area’s population growing faster than the provincial average?

B. Are new infrastructures being built to handle that growth?

C. Is the area creating new jobs and taking steps to maintain current employment levels?

D. Will Toronto benefit from an economic or real estate ripple effect?

E. Has political leadership created an economic growth atmosphere?

F. Are there major transportation improvements in the works?

From the research we’ve done, I can say that Toronto will continue to be a major economic engine for Canada as long as it functions as the financial and head office capital of the country. This, combined with a strong growth of immigration to the city will help to provide an ongoing source of both rental and ownership demand in the housing market. However, it is important for investors to remember that Toronto cannot be painted with one brush. Taken as a whole, the city’s real estate market will under-perform many of the surrounding regions. Yet, key neighbourhoods will have breakout years, outperforming many regions of the province. You must keep this in mind when investigating your cities of choice.

I am also pleased to announce another big piece of news: we have named Hamilton as the #1 city for investment in Ontario for 2011-2015. The Economic Development office of Hamilton has put together a fantastic video on their fair city, and if you’d like to see me give some additional insight into the top investment city in the province, you can view the video right here.


For those of you may not be familiar yet, I’m also doing an ongoing series on BNN titled “What Will $300,000 Buy Me in Canada?” On Tuesday they just aired the third episode showcasing Edmonton, but to keep with the Ontario theme, the second installment of the series zoned in on Hamilton, and you cancheck that out here.

The top towns ranked in the report are:

#1 Hamilton

#2 Kitchener & Cambridge

#3 Simcoe Shores — Orillia & Barrie

#4 Waterloo

#5 Brampton

#6 Ottawa

#7 Durham Region (Whitby, Pickering, and Ajax)

#8 Toronto

#9 Brantford

#10 Vaughan

I urge you to always do your due diligence when investigating an investment region, and we have gone through much of the “hard yards” to present you a report that has the tools to help you make an informed real estate investment decision.

If you’d like more information on real estate investing, be sure to check out my archived blog entries on this site and the ongoing discussion at Canada’s Premier Real Estate Community and Discussion forums, To order a copy of the complete Top Ontario Investment Towns research report visit: Happy investing!

Material from Don Campbell’s blog:

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